Choir team from Filippines achieved a lot in Tokyo

Hello !! We have a wonderful news today we’d love to share !!

CLSU Maestro Singers, a choir team from Filippines staying in our hotel has won the gold aword in the 5th Tokyo International Chior Competiton!!



They visited the embacy of Filippines after gold award ceremony taht is amazing!!

They posted this on their Face book page

And amazingly, they performed a special song for us at SAKURA HOTEL NIPPORI !!

We have psoted this video on SNS here, please check their super voice, you will be overwhelmed I believe.

I expect that they would performe like 1 minte or a verse of a song.

However, they did full song thatwas 5 minutes of famous Lion King main theme!!

Not only SAKURA HOTEL Staff but everybody there were overwhelmed with beautiful voice and lost for words.

It was a most touching moment of 5 minutes.

They were always nice to our staff and really friendly to enyone.

Once some of them gather around the rounge of hotel, always someone starts singing and other one join it one after another, so the rounge becomes like a live box (^^♪

Their happy bibes make the hotel lively and bright.

We appreciate it all!!

You guys left the hotel today though, we hope we can see you in next year. and hope to go to the competition place to cheer up your team next years. Daisuke